Client Testimonials

“I have been going to Dundee Animal Hospital for at least 20 years. They have taken care of my cats, ferrets, and chinchillas on both a regular and emergency basis. I could not ask for better care for my furry kids.” - Jill B. (Facebook)

"Compassionate, professional, and caring staff. They truly made the final moments with our sweet Mattie girl in February as bearable as they could be, and supported my decision 100%, giving me the gift of peace with it. I know they do this everyday, but they never once made me feel like it was just another day at the office — just the opposite, in fact." - Amanda L. (Facebook)

two dogs in a shopping cart

“This place is fantastic! Dr Grott is wonderful with our girls and really cares. We wouldn’t take them anywhere else. We have been taking our pets here for 25 years.” - Lori P. (Facebook)

“I've had some poor vet experiences before, but the staff and veterinarians at Dundee Animal Hospital are the most caring and trustworthy vets I've been to. I'll never take my pets anywhere else. You are the best!!! Thank you for awesome customer service, and making me feel good about bringing my animals here.” - Leasha N. (Google)


“The Vets and the staff are the best you could hope for. We have had the blessing to have had our pets cared for by Dundee Animal Hospital Algonquin and sometimes Dundee (ER) for twenty years. They have helped us keep them healthy and when necessary they have compassionately helped us let go. The Vets and the staff are wonderful, caring, helpful and professional.” - Sue R. (Facebook)

"Today is Layla's birthday.  When she was about 3 and a 1/2 years old we were told in October of that year that we would be lucky if she survived until Christmas.  Thanks to Dr. O'Brien and the team at Dundee Animal Hospital Layla is here to celebrate her 5th birthday.  THANK YOU Dundee Animal Hospital!!" - Catherine H. (Facebook)


“The doctors care about each furry patient as if it was their own. Amazing compassion coupled with skill. Great with humans, too!” - Michelle H. (Google)

“It has been 4 weeks since we brought our sweet girl Abby home from the hospital. I am forever grateful to Dr. Knott and Dr. Adamo and all the staff for taking such good care of her. They were wonderful. Abby is back to her normal self, playing and bringing us so much joy. I can’t thank them enough.” - Janine B. (Facebook)

"Dundee Animal Hospital puts your animal first. They care about the pet, they care about the family, and they have the best expertise. They saved my dogs life, gave us three more happy years with him, and were there for us when we had to allow him to pass away. Truly, the most amazing animal hospital in all of Chicagoland. Your pet is in good hands here." - Anna A. (Google)

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"Such a wonderful place!!! The staff are all so knowledgeable and helpful! They have so much passion for what they do! I highly recommend any location." - Anna R. (Facebook)

“We've been going to the Elgin location for many years now. The staff are the best! They're very understanding and genuinely care about our fur babies. Dr. Larson and Dr. Lathrop deserve medals for expertly handling our vet-anxious cats year after year. I highly recommend this animal hospital!”- Lu C. (Facebook)

“They are a phenomenal Veterinarian Clinic. My family and I have taken our dogs there for over a decade. Great Doctors and staff. Dr. Larson is the best there is! Hands down an excellent doctor and it shows! Highly, highly recommend!” - Aaron Q. (Google)

“These people were nothing short of angels.” - Ashley F. (Facebook)

"Dundee Animal Hospital took the best care of Pants the Cat, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and makes you and your pet feel like family. Pants went here for most of his nearly sixteen years and my only regret was that we didn’t start with Dundee Animal Hospital as a kitten. I will absolutely bring my next pet to them once I am ready to get one."  - Brian W. (Facebook)


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