Cat & Dog Euthanasia & Cremation Services

Our pets' lives can never be long enough. In time, you will need to make difficult decisions regarding your companion's end-of-life care. Addressing the question "does my pet have a good quality of life?" is one of the biggest challenges in pet ownership. Our team members understand this, and want to do everything possible to help you through the decision-making process.

Consequently, as pets age, they can develop various health issues including arthritis, incontinence and diabetes. Keeping them healthy and comfortable is imperative. We like to see older pets more often to monitor their health and check for problems. If your pet is happy and functioning well, we'll continue the treatments needed to keep them at that level.

However, if your pet's health is declining or has a poor prognosis, we may suggest cat or dog euthanasia as the most humane option. For pets with terminal illnesses or irreversible conditions, euthanasia is the kindest course of action. We want to help you relieve their suffering in any way possible.