Cat & Dog Spay And Neuter

cat & dog spay and neuter in kane county, il

You may have heard the words "spay and neuter your pets" many times before. While we have come a long way in veterinary medicine, pet overpopulation is still a major concern in some areas of the country. It's important to our team at Dundee Animal Hospital that your pets have a healthy start in life. One of the fundamental steps we recommend for all of our clients is to have their pets spayed and neutered while they are still young.

Cat and dog spay and neuter surgeries are both a preventive and preemptive form of treatment. Your pet's life may just be starting, but you need to anticipate potential problems in their future. Spaying and neutering prevents unplanned pregnancies and reduces or eliminates undesirable behaviors. Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of your pet developing cancer when they are older. Your pet's age, breed, species and health history may also play a role in determining whether surgery is the best option.

What Health and Behavior Problems Does Spay and Neuter Prevent?

What Health and Behavior Problems Does Spay and Neuter Prevent?

The most common health and behavioral benefits of spay and neuter are listed below:


  • No pregnancies
  • No heat cycle and spotting
  • A decreased likelihood that they will roam to find a breeding partner
  • No ovarian or uterine cancer
  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer
  • No pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus


  • Less likely to exhibit aggressive behavior
  • Also less likely to spray/mark 
  • A decreased likelihood of roaming to find a breeding partner
  • Less likely to mount objects/other animals
  • No enlarged prostate or testicular cancer
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