Cat & Dog Vaccinations Offer Essential Protection

While we can't remove bacteria, parasites and pathogens from your pet's environment, we can keep your pet protected with cat & dog vaccinations. At Dundee Animal Hospital, we carry all of the vaccines your dog or cat will need to stay protected throughout their life. Furthermore, we can create a customized pet vaccination plan to suit their specific lifestyle. Once we have established a plan, we'll explain your pet's vaccination schedule. Many vaccines must be given annually to remain effective. In addition, puppies and kittens will need to receive a series of boosters to "boost" their immunity levels.

Like children, pets are extremely vulnerable to illness when they are young. Starting them off on the right paw might seem daunting, but that's why we're here to help! From one year to the next, you can count on us to be there for you and your best friend.

How Do Cat & Dog Vaccinations Work?

How Do Cat & Dog Vaccinations Work?

Cat & dog vaccinations function similar to human vaccinations. Vaccines contain antigens, or disease-causing agents. Once injected, they trigger the immune system to respond and produce antibodies. Furthermore, these antibodies will attack and destroy the virus. Thus your pet's immune system will be able to recognize and fight off the virus in the future. To sustain your pet's immunity to various diseases, they will need to be vaccinated on a routine basis.

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When Should You Vaccinate Your Pet?

When Should You Vaccinate Your Pet?

Most pets will not have the same vaccination schedule, or need the same vaccinations. However, it is important to keep up with your pet's annual visits. In addition, if they experience any lifestyle changes, they may need another vaccine added to their health plan.

Since young puppies and kittens are vulnerable to disease, we recommend starting their vaccinations at 8 weeks old, granted they’re healthy. Both should receive a series of 3 distemper vaccinations at 8, 12 and 16-week intervals. Rabies can be given when your puppy or kitten is about 15-16 weeks old. A year after their initial rabies vaccination, your dog can receive the 3-year rabies vaccine, to be given every 3 years thereafter. Vaccines including Bordetella, Lyme, Canine Influenza or Feline Leukemia may be recommended depending on your pet’s exposure to these viruses.

If you are uncertain about your pet's vaccination schedule or need our help, we would be more than happy to sit down and talk with you. Just give us a call at either our Dundee, Elgin or Algonquin location to make an appointment.

Dr. Kersting is an excellent, well educated Veterinarian and person, very nice bed side manner. My husband and I highly recommend this Vet/hospital open 24/7. Never turn away anyone either, always willing to help and give advice too.
-Katie E.

First time here, and the whole staff was simply amazing! We were in, taken to the exam room, discussed the X-rays in just under an hour...The DR called me every few hours to keep me updated on my cat, we picked her up that evening and she is doing much better...Follow up with the cardiologist soon! But I would like to thank everyone here, who were so welcoming and sweet to us, especially since I was a total mess!!
-Tiffany K.

Could not be happier with our first visit. The staff was friendly and efficient. The vets are knowledgeable and all have a real compassion for animals and it shows! So glad that we found this place and our miniature Schnauzer named Schnitzel is too!
-Deborah L.

I pass several animal hospitals to reach this location. The staff is exceptional to me and has always treated my pets well.
-Dawn M.

My little Gina is 15 now and still going strong, thanks to the entire staff here. Gina has had a few problems that you have always managed to help her with, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
-Donna C.

Thank you for taking such great care of our dog early this morning in Dundee. He had a medical emergency and the staff couldn't have been more caring or professional.
-Sandra C.

Dr O'Brien is fantastic! She provides comprehensive, patient centered care with compassion. She is focused on heath maintenance and knows just when to provide effective interventions when problems arise. Her confidence, empathy and compassion make me feel more than comfortable in following her recommendations. Thank you Dr O'Brien for your service!
-Jessica V.

I’ve been taking my pets here forever. Always great care given and Dr. Kelly Kavanaugh is the absolute best!
-Kimberly O.

We'd been taking our litter mate pugs here since they were puppies, just under 14 years. We've always enjoyed the entire staff's pleasant, accommodating and professional attitudes. My family recently had to make the toughest decision there is regarding our beloved Chili. We will be forever grateful for the compassion they showed us and our sweet dog at the end of his days. A very special thanks to Dr Lupo, probably the kindest person we've ever met. It's obvious these people not only know what they're doing, they genuinely love animals. Thank you all so so much.
-Nicole S.

Had an emergency visit with this clinic today for our Schnoodle. Never have been here before but could not have been treated any better by the technicians and the vet on call. Nora and her family thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our sweet girl.
-Tara A.

I've had some poor vet experiences before, but the staff and veterinarians at Dundee Animal Hospital are the most caring and trustworthy vets I've been to. I'll never take my pets anywhere else. You are the best!!! Thank you for awesome customer service and making me feel good about bringing my animals here.
-Leasha N.

The Algonquin location with Dr. Kristin Kamholz and Dr. Mark Rusley are both OUTSTANDING professionals and both have a very high level of skills! I am ALWAYS happy and satisfied with their service. I highly recommend to everyone to use this clinic to take care of their furry friends.
-Nikki L.

The doctors and staff at Dundee Animal Hospital have been providing our furry family members with excellent, compassionate care for more than 20 years. Thank you.
-Cheryl W.

I have seen pretty much seen every vet here and been here for emergency services. Everyone, including the front staff, the techs, and the vets are amazing. One of my dogs is a bit difficult, and they are always accommodating without judgment. I wouldn’t take my animals anywhere else!
-Lori P.

“The employees were so nice. They took us in right on time. Loved them.”
-Jessica C.

We came in on an early Sunday morning with my dog that needed an emergency procedure. Amazing vet, amazing staff, great care!
-Anna A.

The staff is very friendly and haven taken great care of our dog.
-Courtney A.

Love Dundee Animal Hospital and Dr Kersting! Thanks for all you do!
-Cris N.

Thank you to Dr. Kavanaugh for taking such great care of my 2 senior dogs, Frankie and Roma, over the past month. Her compassion and love have gone above and beyond and I am so grateful to her!
-Kirstin W.

The doc and staff were great. I felt that my girl was in caring hands from the time we came in to the follow up visit. Huge relief.
-Nicolas C.

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