Holiday Pet Safety Tips & Emergency Vet Care Dundee, IL

Holiday Pet Safety Tips & Emergency Vet Care Dundee, IL The Importance of Holiday Pet Safety and What to Do if You Need an Emergency Vet in Dundee, IL  There’s no doubt that our animal companions make the holidays brighter and cozier. But be sure to keep their safety in mind, too, as there are…

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The Importance of Cat and Dog Wellness Exams

pet wellness exam

Wellness exams for your pets are important, just as regular checkups  with your dentist or doctor. During a wellness exam, your veterinarian will do a thorough physical examination of your pet and can detect health problems before they get worse. Prevention is key when it comes to your pet’s health, and making sure that your…

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A Message from our Practice Manager

As the Practice Manager, it’s my role to lead our team and offer support and guidance to handle any situation.  Since our staff is now separated into groups and I’m confined to the office where I have to read emails or take calls from staff instead of handling things in person, I rarely get to…

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Pet-Proof Your Thanksgiving Holiday

dog looking at pie

Thanksgiving- a time where we gather at the dinner table and celebrate with friends and family while counting our blessings and NOT our calories! It’s a time filled with warm memories and wonderful food, but it can also be a holiday filled with hazards to our family pets. Certain foods and ingredients in our Thanksgiving…

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