The Three P’s of Pet Fire Safety

Pet Fire Safety Tips

The Three P’s of Pet Fire Safety July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day and we wanted to share the three P’s of protecting your pets when it comes to fires. Including your pets in your fire safety plan is the the best way to protect them from the effects of a fire.  The…

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Summer Pet Travel Tips- The ABCs

dog in car- summer travel tips

Summer Pet Travel Tips- The ABCs Summertime means vacation…and TRAVEL!  After being cooped up last year, more of us than ever are hitting the road or flying the friendly skies to enjoy a little rest and relaxation away from home this summer.  Whether it’s flying with Fluffy or driving with Daisy, we have some summer…

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Tick Season is Back in Illinois

terrible tick

Tick Season is Back in Illinois Spring weather means more outdoor activities for you and your pets- and it also means that tick season is back. These nasty little stowaways are just looking for a free ride on the Pet Express, so here’s what you should know about them and how to protect your pets…

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Pet Poison Prevention Tips

pet poison prevention in kane county, il

Pet Poison Prevention Tips March 21-27th is National Poison Prevention Week, and we’re here to provide you with pet poison prevention tips to keep your pets safe and healthy.  There are many common pet poisons that you may not realize are lurking in our homes and around our yards, and awareness is the key to…

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Halloween Hazards for Pets

Halloween Pet Hazards

Although this spooky season may feel a little different this year, Halloween pet hazards are still lurking around dark corners for our pets this holiday.  Sure, we all know that trick-or-treat sweets like chocolate or raisins (well, maybe not so much of a treat) are harmful to pets, but did you know that there are…

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Happy AAHA Day!

AAHA Day Dundee Animal Hospital

Every year, Dundee Animal Hospital celebrates AAHA Accredited Hospital Day, a day to celebrate “better care for pets and their people.” AAHA Day is a day set aside to recognize veterinary hospitals that go the extra mile to provide their clients and pets with superior care & service. With approximately only 15% of veterinary hospitals/clinics…

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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Independence Day is just around the corner, and although our gatherings might be smaller this year, there’s still plenty of 4th of July fun to be had! However, there are also dangers lurking out there for our pets, and we want to make sure everyone has a safe and happy 4th.  Here are some tips…

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Know the Dangers of Blue-Green Algae for Pets

blue green algae dangers

Summertime is just around the corner, but here in Illinois, we’re already seeing much warmer temperatures than normal in June. And that means fun in the sun and cooling off in the water for both people and pets. However, there are dangers lurking on top of and in the water, and one of the most…

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