Happy AAHA Day!

AAHA Day Dundee Animal Hospital

Every year, Dundee Animal Hospital celebrates AAHA Accredited Hospital Day, a day to celebrate “better care for pets and their people.” AAHA Day is a day set aside to recognize veterinary hospitals that go the extra mile to provide their clients and pets with superior care & service. With approximately only 15% of veterinary hospitals/clinics…

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Know the Dangers of Blue-Green Algae for Pets

blue green algae dangers

Summertime is just around the corner, but here in Illinois, we’re already seeing much warmer temperatures than normal in June. And that means fun in the sun and cooling off in the water for both people and pets. However, there are dangers lurking on top of and in the water, and one of the most…

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Why Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Matters in Kane County, IL

Dental Health Video

As we close out National Pet Dental Month, we’d like to finish off with a video to help you better understand why cat and dog teeth cleaning is important and what goes on during a pet dental exam or procedure.  Dr. Danielle Adamo explains the need for regular dental exams and cleanings, describes the process…

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Marijuana & Pets- What You Should Know

Although marijuana just became legal in Illinois, Dundee Animal Hospital has been seeing an increase in cases of cannabis ingestion by pets, particularly dogs, over the last few years.  And it’s not just happening here in Illinois- according to the Pet Poison Helpline, over the past 6 years, there’s been a 400+% increase in marijuana-related…

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Pet-Proof Your Thanksgiving Holiday

dog looking at pie

Thanksgiving- a time where we gather at the dinner table and celebrate with friends and family while counting our blessings and NOT our calories! It’s a time filled with warm memories and wonderful food, but it can also be a holiday filled with hazards to our family pets. Certain foods and ingredients in our Thanksgiving…

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October is National Animal Safety & Protection Month

National Animal Safety & Protection Month

We know the health and safety of your pet(s) is important to you. You make sure they have their annual wellness exam, keep up-to-date on their vaccinations, and feed them a healthy diet. However, there’s much more we can do to protect and keep our furry friends safe and help them live longer and happier…

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Cat & Dog Heart Disease Concerns and Grain-Free/Boutique Diets

Dog eating from a bowl

Heart disease is common in our companion animals, affecting 10-15 % of all dogs and cats.  However, the veterinary community has noticed an increase in a certain type of heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM.  The FDA has researched this and issued a warning regarding this heart disease and specific diets– BEG (boutique, exotic…

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