Tick Season is Back in Illinois

terrible tick

Tick Season is Back in Illinois Spring weather means more outdoor activities for you and your pets- and it also means that tick season is back. These nasty little stowaways are just looking for a free ride on the Pet Express, so here’s what you should know about them and how to protect your pets…

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Pet Poison Prevention Tips

pet poison prevention in kane county, il

Pet Poison Prevention Tips March 21-27th is National Poison Prevention Week, and we’re here to provide you with pet poison prevention tips to keep your pets safe and healthy.  There are many common pet poisons that you may not realize are lurking in our homes and around our yards, and awareness is the key to…

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Tooth or Consequences- Pet Dental Disease Signs

signs of pet dental disease

Tooth or Consequences- Pet Dental Disease Signs Do you know how to spot dental disease signs & symptoms in your pet(s)? Monitoring your pet’s oral wellness between annual visits is an important part of your role as a pet parent. In addition, knowing what to look for is essential to help keep your pet happy…

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How Often Does Your Dog Need Vaccinations

How Often Does Your Dog Need Vaccinations What is the Process of Getting Dog Vaccinations? There are so many important things to remember when bringing home a puppy. You have to set up food and water bowls and a place to sleep. They need lots of toys and grooming supplies. You need to go through…

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Halloween Hazards for Pets

Halloween Pet Hazards

Although this spooky season may feel a little different this year, Halloween pet hazards are still lurking around dark corners for our pets this holiday.  Sure, we all know that trick-or-treat sweets like chocolate or raisins (well, maybe not so much of a treat) are harmful to pets, but did you know that there are…

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Why Your Pet’s Weight Matters

overweight dog

The dangers of pet obesity are real- and that’s why your pet’s weight matters. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that currently, over 100 million dogs and cats are overweight, with almost 20% of dogs and 35% of cats falling into the obese category. Excess weight increases a pet’s chances of having health problems…

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Is Your Pet in Pain? Know the Signs.

When it comes to pain, our pets can be very good at disguising when they’re hurting.  Unlike humans, they can’t tell us if something’s wrong or point out where it hurts.  Heck, they aren’t even able to complain about an aching body part on social media!  That’s why it’s important for pet owners to know…

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August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month!

Does your pet have an itch that they just can’t stop scratching?  Is your first thought fleas?  Well, the truth is that pets itch for many reasons- and it can appear out of nowhere. For dogs, skin allergies are one of the main reasons “itchy” dogs are brought to the veterinarian, and it’s usually after…

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