Tooth or Consequences- Pet Dental Disease Signs

signs of pet dental disease

Tooth or Consequences- Pet Dental Disease Signs Do you know how to spot dental disease signs & symptoms in your pet(s)? Monitoring your pet’s oral wellness between annual visits is an important part of your role as a pet parent. In addition, knowing what to look for is essential to help keep your pet happy…

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Why Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning Matters in Kane County, IL

Dental Health Video

As we close out National Pet Dental Month, we’d like to finish off with a video to help you better understand why cat and dog teeth cleaning is important and what goes on during a pet dental exam or procedure.  Dr. Danielle Adamo explains the need for regular dental exams and cleanings, describes the process…

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Should I Be Worried About My Cat or Dog’s Bad Breath (Part 2)

Cat with its mouth wide open: Pet Bad Breath in Dundee

In Part 1 of our post, we discussed the possible causes of your pet’s bad breath.  We also discussed the importance of monitoring your pet for other signs/behaviors that might indicate a more serious issue.  Today, we’ll be discussing ways to both combat that bad breath and prevent further periodontal and more serious issues from…

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Should I Be Worried About My Cat or Dog’s Bad Breath? (Part 1)

Dog's teeth: Bad Breath Pets in Dundee

Bad breath, or in medical terms “chronic halitosis”, happens to humans and pets alike.  It’s a stinky problem, but don’t fret- in most cases, there’s a lot you can do to minimize bad breath. However, it’s important to understand what can cause bad breath and when you should become concerned.  That way, you can work…

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